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Straighten Your Crown

Mar 1, 2021

The world is built on men investing, and Lindsey Taylor Wood is here to change that. This founder, investor, and changemaker has been unapologetically empowering women to leverage their capital for over 15 years. And she’s here to share with you her invaluable insights on both investing and raising capital.  

Not only has Lindsey advised some of the biggest philanthropic names in how to mobilize their capital, she’s also figured out how to deploy funds in the for profit space as an entrepreneur and as an investor. At, she provides women with the opportunity to put their money to work via her VC fund, by providing access to deals and information via a membership, content you want to consume (trust us) and an e-commerce platform carrying only products by female founders. 

Lindsey reveals the bizarre reality that women would rather give their money away than invest it, and what you can do to change this paradigm. You’ll walk away with a surge in perseverance, a more well-rounded perspective, and tips on how to navigate tricky situations. And most importantly you will see how she not only survived the pandemic, but led The Helm to thrive.

“The genius thing that we did was we didn't give up.” — Jay Z