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Straighten Your Crown

May 6, 2021

First up in our negotiation series is star mediator and negotiation teacher, Erin Gleason Alvarez. If you’ve got a negotiation boogie man hiding under your bed, Erin’s smart tools and mindful approach will vanquish your fears and empower you. 

You’ll realize that negotiation is a survival skill we cultivate early on in life and use hundreds of times every day - meaning, you’re already a skilled negotiator! (What a relief!) You’ll learn how to show up in perceived power differentials, such as when we’re the only woman in the room. (Her elegant answer? “Their behavior is not my fault.” BOOM!)

Whether you’re closing deals, hiring/firing, or negotiating with your family, Erin shares ingenious ways to lead with mindfulness and positivity in negotiation. You’ll feel more confident, more creative, and as women, more authentic. You might even walk away with tips to manage imposter syndrome.

Erin's Bio:

Erin Gleason Alvarez is a mediator, an arbitrator, and an attorney who has been teaching negotiation theory and practice for over fifteen years. She is the CEO of Take Charge Negotiations, which she founded to transform negotiation into a dialogue grounded in mindfulness and positivity. Her online membership community, Compass by Take Charge Negotiations, provides members with a space to learn, practice, and share their journey toward more collaborative and rewarding negotiation experiences and outcomes.